The Biggest Shopping Malls You Can Check Out While Visiting Tbilisi

Shopping centers are often overlooked as a tourist hotspot. But if we think about them carefully, we’ll come to the conclusion that shopping malls are like a mini version of the country that you’re visiting. If you want to find out what type of people live here, just wander around and visit local shopping malls/ shopping centers. Nothing shows what people truly are rather than their consumer’s process.

Aside from the fact that while visiting shopping malls you’ll have an amazing opportunity to interact with locals and socialize, you’ll eventually find out what people here prefer, what is a local cuisine and in general what is the economic, social and political situation in the country you’re visiting. You can spot the culture and get a sense of the place.

If you like the idea of visiting unexpected places and plan to travel to Georgia, here are some shopping centers you can check out.

Tbilisi Mall

Tbilisi Mall

Located on Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi Mall can be considered the first shopping mall that conforms to the international standards of shopping malls. It’s a five-story complex that combines 150 international brands, banks, offices, bookstores, and cinema. Aside from the traditional stores that you can find in your average malls, there are also electronics stores, big supermarkets, home ware, textile and décor sections.

Tbilisi Central

Central Train Station

After the rebuilding of Tbilisi Central which initially was just a train ticket purchasing place, now features a shopping mall on its lower levels.  Tbilisi Central is located at a railway station; you can visit it if you happen to pass by Station Square. Even if the varieties of the brands are not as diverse as in Tbilisi Mall, it’s still worth checking out.

Karvasla Shopping Mall

Karvasla was the first shopping mall in Tbilisi which opened the European brand’s Outlet store in Tbilisi. Brands such as GAP, ZARA, KOTON, H&M, etc. were not presented in shopping malls until Karvasla. Karvasla is located 240 meters from the railway station and is another one shopping destination with a wide variety of international and local brands

Merani Shopping Mall

Merani Mall

Unlike other shopping malls, Merani is known for its smaller size, even though it has four floors.

The brands here are not as wide-ranging compared to the other shopping malls. But you can still check it out if you’re planning to visit Freedom Square. Merani is located in the heart of tourist street- at Rustaveli Avenue. Note to remember, because of its location it’s hard to find parking places.

City Mall Gldani

City Mall Gldani

Unlike Merani shopping Mall, City Mall Gldani according to Google reviews has not only various brands of clothing both international and local but also other markets of all brands. And most importantly it has many parking places and cafes and restaurants you can visit if you feel like eating a snack.

Galleria Tbilisi


Located near Freedom Square, Galleria Tbilisi is a relatively new shopping mall in Tbilisi. It has six floors and features many international brands, cafes, cinema, restaurants, and other entertainment spots.

East Point

East Point

Often called the city within the city, East point stands out with its architecture decision. It is designed to look like the stores are located on the narrow streets. It features many clothing stores, cinemas, restaurants, and cafes and in general, is the best place for leisure and entertainment.

City Mall Saburtalo

City Mall Saburtalo

City Mall is located in Saburtalo, on Petre Kavtaradze Street. There are shops selling clothes, jewelry, electrical appliances, household items, toys, books and more, as well as a bank and a pharmacy. The leading object of the shopping center is the hypermarket Goodwill. City Mall also has a gaming computer and a variety of computer game store GAME ZONE. The mall has a fast food restaurant, KFC, Avenue Cafe and Sushi Room, where you can taste delicious dishes. The mall has an outdoor parking lot for 500 cars, which is really convenient for customers.

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