Discovering Turtle Lake (კუს ტბა) in Tbilisi

Turtle Lake Located in the south-west of the city center, on the north slope of Mtatsminda Range, at an altitude of 686 meters above sea level, 10 kilometers from the center of Tbilisi.

Vake Park joins the green massif of Turtle Lake and thereafter, the green area of the lake, together with Mtatsminda Park, is combined into a joint green massif. In the northern part of the slope of Turtle Lake, there is an Ethnographic Museum located in the open air, which is the miniature model of Georgia.

Turtle Lake and its surroundings are well-organized. Sports events are often held there. Swimming season begins on the lake with the onset of summer, you can also take a boat trip. Along with open summer cafes and bars on the beach, there is a sports-recreational and cultural-leisure complex on the territory of Turtle Lake, which includes mini-football stadium, children’s entertainment playground, navigable and professional concert scene with pontoon, where various events are held during the season.

Turtle Lake cableway, which connects the Turtle Lake area with the city center, was built in the second half of the XX century and operated until 2009. In 2016, the renovated Turtle Lake ropeway was opened. Two gondolas were operated on the new rope road of Turtle Lake. It is possible to get from Ilia chavchavadze Avenue to Turtle Lake in 6 minutes. Each gondola can carry about 10-12 people, among them, there is one constant conductor. Gondolas and stations are adapted for people with disabilities.

Turtle Lake is one of the most popular places for recreation and entertainment for Tbilisi residents.

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