Dirsi Residential Complex

Beri Gabriel Salosi Street in Tbilisi

Living In A Fabulous Mini-City
Close to Shops, Schools & Markets

Dirsi Residential Complex

“Dirsi” – the largest residential complex in Georgia- is presented in the form of a “mini-city” and is a comfortable residence on the banks of the Mtkvari.

    Dirsi in Tbilisi consists of 22 comfortable high-rise apartment buildings with 16 to 26 floors. The buildings were constructed using monolithic-frame technology while the seismic stability reaches 9 points on the scale of Richter. The comfort of the Residents and the reduction of utility costs is achieved by sound-absorbing, hydro- and heat-insulating systems. A fire safety system is also provided.

    The high-rise residential buildings are made in a single architectural style and the facades are painted in light shades. The windows of the apartments offer a panoramic view of the historical part of Tbilisi, the surrounding mountains and the Mtkvari River.

What's Inside?

Kindergarten and school
Sports grounds with outdoor exercise equipment
Landscaped courtyard space
Shopping and entertainment center in Italian style
Bike paths
Service center
Tennis courts
Medical center
Cafes and Restaurants
Ground level parking

Who is the Developer?

AS Group Investment

Real estate development company AS Group Investment commissioned the Dirsi project in early 2017. The company was founded in 2003 and combines several enterprises to carry out a full cycle of work: from the production of building materials to the delivery of finished residential objects. The activities of the developer are not limited to Georgia as the company is also active in Russia and Azerbaijan.

Project Attributes

Dirsi Residential Complex

Beri Gabriel Salosi Street in Tbilisi

The new apartments are located on Beri Gabriel Salosi Street in Tbilisi, right on the bank of the Kura River. Clean air and beautiful views of the historical part of the city are a good reason for choosing this location.

Transportation: A designated street from the highway provides convenient access to the complex. The nearest bus stop is 50 meters from the complex.

Nearby places: In the surrounding area you can find the shops “Spar” and “Nikora”, the Shevardeni Rugby stadium, the cafes Cantina and Bulvari, and St. Barbara’s church.

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