A yard for happiness and adventure in a comfortable residence, Fabrika Hostel

Fabrika Hostel, housed in a former Soviet sewing factory, is a youth-oriented, communal-vibe, design hostel. A focal point where young travellers, adventure seekers and artists meet to socialize, work and live together. Located in the old part of Tbilisi, Fabrika is bringing back to life a once-forgotten historical cultural part of Tbilisi. Hostel’s courtyard is where the creative pulse of the city is felt in every corner. It’s loaded with various cafe/bars, artistic studios, workshops, concept stores, co-working space and ever-changing one off events that generate unlimited opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Every space here has its own unique concept and atmosphere and together they create a unique environment.

If you are bored at Fabrika, you can always take a walk to the beautiful newly restored David Aghmashenebeli Avenue.

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